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Final Day of Mexico and California Journey!

November 20, 2014

We finally arrived home about 12:00 noon on Monday, November 17th.  We were EXHAUSTED!!  Thank you for all of your prayers for this journey.  We made grade strides in our setup trip for the summer Mexico missions trip.  If you would like more info on this trip, you can find out details HERE.  You can also request more info HERE.  The first step is to send in your application fee and application.  Our goal is to take 200 youth, young adults, and families on this mission trip to Mexico.   Come join us this summer in Baja and Rosarita, Mexico!


Final photo of Mexico and California trip

Home safe and sound!

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Day 7 of Mexico and California Journey!

November 20, 2014

Trying to fix the broken roof rack before heading out of town.

After spending the night with Jerrell’s parents in Suisun City, California, the team loaded up to head out to Jerrell and Rachel’s home church about an hour and a half away.  Just as we were finishing packing, the roof rack snapped and popped off!  It took Seth, Jerrell, Jerrell’s dad, and Jerrell’s uncle to get the top back on so we could proceed to our next destination!

IMG_1591We said our “Good-byes” to Jerrell’s family who so graciously hosted us and were on our way!  We arrived at the home church just before it started.  There were about 25 of us.  Harvest Church has four home churches that meet in homes three out of the four Sundays and then all come together for a big service once a month.  Again, Jerrell shared about Fuel International and about summer missions in Mexico.  As the home church ended, they prayed over our team before we headed out for our 22 hour journey straight home to Colorado after the service.

We enjoyed our 22 hour trip home as Maria, Jerrell, and Seth took turns driving.  We took the upper route through Nevada, Utah, and then into Colorado.  Alyzsa was a HUGE help as she kept the drivers awake through the night.  We arrived in Monument, CO, about 12:00 noon on Monday.





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Day 6 of Mexico and California Journey!

November 20, 2014

Today the team was able to spend time with several Hip Hop artists in the San Francisco Bay area at City Lights Church in the inner city.  The team spoke with several artists and DJs in regards to the Mexico trip.  Several of them are interested in going on the trip.  Maria also got to spend the day with her California cousins.


Maria with her California cousins!

The team dropped off Dan at the airport to fly back in time to preach at Fuel Church on Sunday morning.  He arrived back home at 2am. The rest of the team then attended and participated in the Undivided 4 Hip Hop Concert at City Lights Church.  Fuel set up a booth with info, and the team was invited on stage to share about Fuel International and the summer Mexico trip coming up!  It was a fun night!

IMG_1563  IMG_1564






Jerrell sharing the vision of Fuel International.

Fuel team at Undivided

Jerrell, Seth, and Alyzsa on stage sharing vision about Fuel International.

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Day 5 of Mexico and California Journey!

November 16, 2014

Friday morning we packed as many things as we could in before leaving Mexico: eating a home cooked breakfast with Bob and Janet of Baja Chrisitian Ministries, packing up, shopping for vanilla beans in the market, a tiny big of souvenir shopping, and looking at another lodging facility for summer teams.  Crossing the border into the US took much longer than going into Mexico.  Many venders were there greeting us, hoping we would spend our final dollar on souvenirs of all types (i.e. Mexican blankets, sombreros, little wooden guitars, windshield wipers, drinks, and snacks).


“Baja Bob” getting us connected with another possible lodging facility for our summer teams.



Janet working on lodging for us as well for the summer.










Mexico market photo

Seth and Alyzsa doing some super quick souvenir shopping.

Mexico photo of peppers

Learned how to make a new “salsa”
with peppers and olive oil!




Now it was time to make our way up the coast of California to the San Francisco Bay area where our team was going to be staying with Jerrell’s family.  With bumper to bumper traffic, a stop for sub sandwiches at Dan’s favorite childhood sub place (Santorro’s Sub Sandwiches) and a quick look at the church where Dan grew up in, Maria was dropped off to spend the night with her cousins in Tracy, CA, while the rest of the group finally arrived in Suisun City, California about 1:45 in the morning!  The team was greeted by all kinds of homemade Filipino food made by Jerrell’s parents.  Needless to say, it was a VERY LONG DAY (about 13 hours from Mexico to the Bay area!)




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Day 4 of California and Mexico Journey!

November 14, 2014

Thursday was a packed day.  We met Eric (with Baja Christian Ministries) in Chino, CA, at 6am. He took us to meet with an international youth ministry leader named Israel.  Israel takes hundreds of youth across the border into Mexico to do various outreaches in the Baja region.  We discussed partnering Fuel International youth with his hispanic youth this summer and doing outreaches together.  We enjoyed a Mexican breakfast on the border before we actually crossed into Mexico.


The Fuel Team meeting with Eric and Israel for breakfast.

Upon arriving into Mexico, we checked out a possible Christian “ranch” facility for our summer team.  Then we met up with Bob and Janet and their team with Baja Christian Ministries.  Baja Christian Ministries has a long term goal of building 10,000 homes and leading 1,000,000 people to Jesus and discipling them in the Baja region!  In addition to building homes, Baja Christian Ministries brings teams to also build churches and other restoration facilities.

Mexico photo 1

Crossing into Mexico there was no wait at all.

Our team joined with Baja Ministries in front of a church built in ONE day Baja Christian Ministries and a church from Oregon. Pastor Carlos and Gina are the pastors of this new church plant.

Our team joined with Baja Ministries in front of a church built in ONE day by Baja Christian Ministries and a church from Oregon. Pastor Carlos and Gina are the pastors of this new church plant.


After visiting one of the latest building sites, we did an “impromptu” ministry outreach in one of the neighborhoods.  We went door to door inviting everyone to an important meeting.  After about 30 minutes, we had a crowd of about 90 children, youth, and adults of all ages waiting eagerly to hear why we were there.  The Crosby family and Jerrell all shared their personal testimonies.  Dan and  “Baja Bob” wrapped it up with a final altar call. About 68 people came forward to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.  ALL of these received a Bible and a discipleship book called “The Purple Book.”  The harvest is so ripe…just waiting for someone to reach out and tell them the Good News.  Many of these people will be car-pooled to a church a few miles down the road until a church can be planted in this very needy but receptive area.


About 90 people came out in just one neighborhood to hear what we had to say.

Getting ready to pass out Bibles and purple books to new believers in Jesus.


Crowd of people accepting Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

Kava Mexican restaurant

Eating dinner on the ocean after a successful afternoon of ministry.

We topped the evening off with some delicious Mexican food overlooking the ocean with the company of Bob, Janet, and Eric, some amazing heroes of the faith!



Mexican restaurant

Authentic Mexican dinner on the ocean!










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